A little about me and the work I have done


The skills to deliver first class service and value

Hi there from the Digital Norseman! Or, as my boring friends call me, Claud. I'm a freelance web designer and professional marketeer who has been developing websites and digital campaigns for a range of clients for the past 8 years.

In my professional career I have worked with some of the largest private and public sector clients to help them achieve their goals through effective and innovative online marketing for their projects and events. Some of those include:


I have now decided to use the skills I have developed to help small and new business startups to achieve the things online that previously only the big boys could afford to do. As an independent freelancer, I don't have the same overheads as some design agencies so I can charge much less for the same quality of work.


You may be asking yourself, why should I work with you? Well if you do, I can guarantee quality. I care about every website I create, it's a geeky passion, and I always put in the hours to make sure your website is made to the highest quality to surpass your expectations.


As a creative process, I will work closely with you to shape your site in your image, but ultimately your job is to concentrate on your business, my job is to create you a first class website to help you engage with your customers.